Saturday, July 27, 2013

Review: Bite Beauty Colour and Shine To Go

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First of all, let me preface this with sorry, I'm barefaced today and you can probably see all my acne scars and gross bits. I don't have any foundation or eyeliner on, mostly because I've been busy helping out my parents. Buut, you're here for beauty, not to hear my story, so, onto the review!

Bite Beauty set - click for larger image. (Barelips, excuse my skin)
The Bite Beauty set was much, much smaller than what I really, truly expected. Each lipstick was about the size of the top of my pinky, and even though it was on sale, reduced from $15 to $12, I still did not think it was worth my money, but then I thought, since Cin Cin and Tannin were such beautiful colors, maybe swatches on my lips would sway me..

Champagne Pearl on lips, click for larger image.
And boy was I wrong. Champagne Pearl looked so promising in the tube with it's nudey color and beautiful golden sparkles, but it definitely did not have that kind of payoff on me. It at best looked like a clear sparkly gloss, I was naturally a little disappointed, but hey, maybe it's my naturally pigmented lips, or they meant for it that way? Anyways, onto the next swatch.

Top lip bare, bottom lip Tannin, click for larger image.
Again, I didn't see too much of a color payoff. I used my clean, dry OCC lip brush, and I took a lot of swipes on the lipstick, the poor thing was almost a eighth gone by the time I was done, AND I only used that product on my bottom lip. It's a pretty color, but it's definitely not the orangey color I was expecting, and not in a good way. It felt very sheer looking and I feel like I could have used a much cheaper alternative for the color.

Cin Cin with Champagne Pearl on top, click for larger image.
Not willing to give up on the set yet, I tried on Cin Cin with Champagne Pearl on top. It looked a little better, but honestly, I think that this color could have been achieve with probably two or three swipes of a Revlon Lip Butter or something.

Top lip bare, bottom lip Tannin, click for larger image.
Tannin was a color I was super excited for. Dark reds are one of my favorite kinds of lipsticks, so I tried it on my bottom lip, and felt kind of cheated. The color was very similar to my Wet 'n' Wild Dark Wine, which at $1 a pop, blows this stuff out of the water budget-wise. I used the same technique that I employed for putting on Cin Cin.

Left to Right, Wet N Wild 514A, OCC Stalker, Tannin, Wet N Wild 552A, Click for larger image.
Although it may not look like it in the picture, Wet N Wild 514A is remarkably similar to Tannin without light directly hitting it, it has more of a sheen and Tannin is more matte. I cannot currently find my Wet n Wild Dark Wine, so am unable to make the comparison, although it should be noted that Wet n Wild lipsticks, the $1 ones, usually do have some glitter in it so it will not look matte.

Tannin with Champagne Pearl, click for larger image.
I thought everyone deserved a third chance, including Champagne Pearl, so I swiped it on top of Tannin. No luck. Tannin looked shinier, but the color didn't change. Guess Champagne Pearl just didn't want to cooperate with me or something.

Overall, I feel that Bite Beauty is not worth the money for me, and their products are better suited for people who are looking for, and I quote this from the Sephora website, "products free from synthetics, polybutenes, and petroleum by-products." I mean, it's nice and all, but I'm really not in that kind of spending bracket yet, especially not because I can easily find these types of colors for lower prices. Sorry Bite Beauty! I love the way the products smell and how good they are for you, but they're just a tad too pricey for a penny pincher like me.

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