Saturday, July 20, 2013

Review: e.l.f. Lip Exfloliator

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Lip exfoliator opened. Click for larger picture.
I tried out the elf Lip Exfoliator today! It was definitely very moisturizing, about as good as my babylips, but with added exfoliating! I actually wanted to buy a Fresh Lip Treatment, but at $22.50, the price was a little too steep for the amount of product that I would have gotten. This was my dupe for the Fresh Lip Treatment, although the elf Lip Exfoliators do not have colors like the lip treatments, but it makes a pretty good dupe for the clear Fresh Lip Treatment.

 The regular price of this elf Lip Exfoliator is $3.00 on the eyeslipsface website, and I think it's well worth the money. Although my regular lip exfoliation treatment is only olive oil and brown sugar, using my homemade lip exfoliation is a lot messier than using this lip exfoliating 'lipstick'. It's very convenient and I love the smell.
Lip exfoliator, fully extended. Click for larger picture.
My only qualm with this lip exfoliator is that it doesn't look like it has a lot of product, for the $3.00. I love how the exfoliator looks in the case though, it's really neat and the exfoliating portion winds all the way in, so you won't accidentally cut it.
Lip exfoliator close. Click for larger picture.

This lip exfoliator will be super useful before putting on my OCC Lip Tars, because the Lip Tar is kind of drying and tends to settle in each of the little cracks in my lips. Hope you enjoyed my review! Have you tried any lip exfoliators lately? Comment to tell me about them!

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