Monday, July 15, 2013

Review: OCC Lip Tar Pro Picks v3.0

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I can finally see what the lip tar hype was about! This set was $49 before taxes and contains Clear, Femme, Electric Grandma, Authentic, and Radiate, each lip tar bought separately would come out to $90, so it's definitely a big money saver, which literally translates to 'buy me' for someone like me. Applying the lip tar was really easy, just squeeze a really tiny amount onto the brush and apply all over your lips. I lined my lips with it first and then filled it in, just like I would with lipstick and lip liner. So without further ado, swatches!

Clear - click for larger image.

The directions say to prime lips with OCC Clear Lip Tar first, and allow to absorb. I put chapstick and clear lip tar on before I put on Femme, and it made taking off the Lip Tar much easier than when I only put on chapstick before applying. These lip tars can be quite drying, so I would definitely always put on some sort of chapstick before use!

Femme - click for larger image.
This was the only color that I didn't really like. It's a bit too light for my complexion (NC 20) and makes me look like I'm going for the Ganguro look. I do think that it would make a really nice light blush or can be mixed with another color to make it lighter, so all is not lost!

Electric Grandma - click for larger image.

Electric Grandma is a metallic finish, but I found it to be very sparkly instead of metallic, it is more sparkly than Authentic and more orangey than coral. It is a really flattering color and I can see myself wearing it out.

Radiate - click for larger image.
Woohoo a red! Radiate is more of an orangey red than a blue-red, but it's the kind of red that's been in style lately. It's a very summery color, and I would probably wear it out once in a while.

Authentic - click for larger image.
Authentic is another metallic color, it was fairly sparkly, but nowhere as sparkly as Electric Grandma. It's probably my favorite color out of all of them, since it looks fairly natural.
Liptar set, picture courtesy of Sephora.com

With these lip tars, you definitely have to exfoliate your lips first or they will sink into every lip line you have, making it look really, super bad. All in all, I thought this was a great deal, and I like most of the colors, besides, they're ready to be mixed and Femme would probably make a really pretty blush color!

I love the versatility of these lip tars, but would probably not buy any more than what I already have (set v1.0, v2.0, v3.0). I think that although the $18 price tag isn't all that bad, I'd like to use that money to experiment with different brands and different types of products.

Thanks for joining me, see you next time!

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