Sunday, March 2, 2014

Sleek i-Divine in Lagoon Swatches

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Sleek i-Divine in Lagoon - click for larger image.
Sorry for the hiatus; I've made a resolution to churn out 1 blog post a week, but so far my weeks have been quite hectic.. but without further ado, the post! I picked up the Sleek i-Divine in Lagoon a while back from Sleek Makeup and it's been my staple as of late. At first, I didn't touch the palette because it didn't seem to be work safe with the assortment of colors, but lately, I've realized that shimmery white made a great inner corner and brow highlight and the gold was a really nice all-over color for the lid -- I've even dabbled a little in the pink. Baby steps.

Most shadows from Sleek are very pigmented and these are no exception. I'm very much in love with the shimmers, due to their excellent color payoff, but I'm not so much impressed with the mattes. The darker matte purple has excellent payoff, but the lighter matte, red/lilac, seems pink-y and honestly doesn't really impress me at all.

Sleek i-Divine Lagoon swatches, patted onto bare skin with pixie epoxy on the bottom half-ish (very obvious with the 10th shade as you can see a clump because I failed to use the epoxy correctly - it is a science), left to right, top to bottom (except for the last one because I was too excited to swatch the white and black) - click for larger image.
The blue in the first row is slightly green-ish looking instead of the blue that it appeared to be. My favorite colors from this palette are the dark purple matte, light shimmery liliac and the gold. I use the shimmery white, black or purple and gold daily when I'm feeling lazy.

What do you think of this palette? Have you gotten anything from Sleek Makeup? Thanks for joining me and see you next week!

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