Monday, April 28, 2014

Review: Charcoal Cleansing Cream and Natural Pack from Daiso Japan

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Daiso Japan - Cleansing Cream and Natural Pack - click for larger image.

Charcoal cleansers are one of the hottest things this year, they're proclaimed to draw out impurities and trap dirt much more efficiently than basic cleansers. After seeing these two at my local Daiso, where everything imaginable is $1.50, I decided to pick them up to see how they fared compared to my current cleansers.
Cleansing Cream and Natural Pack directions and description - click for larger image. 
At first glance, the cleanser cream, $1.50 for 80g, and natural pack, $1.50 for 80g (a peeling face mask), are very cleanly packaged and are marked "Produced for Daiso Japan". 
Cleansing cream used over swatches, a little of OCC Pretty Boy remained after first cleanse - click for larger image.
The cleansing cream is light grey, very creamy, and heavily scented. I tested it's makeup removing ability on my wrist, where I had swatched OCC Pretty Boy, Maybelline Vivids Vibrant Mandarin, Urban Decay Ink and NYC White. Most of the products were gone within the first cleanse, however OCC Pretty Boy left a lasting imprint past the first cleanse and the second cleanse. Although the cleanse felt gentle and left my skin feeling soft, I do not recommend this for anyone with sensitive skin as it is fragranced and is supposed to be followed by a second (foamy/soapy) cleanse.

Natural Pack over wrist - peeled off, left my wrist a little red/irritated looking, alas, I didn't take a picture of that - click for larger image.
The natural pack starts off very gooey and smells faintly alcoholic. It dries to a papery finish, and you are to peel off the mask afterwards. I also do not recommend this at all for anyone with sensitive skin. It left my face feeling quite raw and uncomfortable, I did a swatch on my wrist for the blog. I will not be using it again after this.

Have you experimented with budget skincare? Did you end up liking what you bought? Thanks for joining me!

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