Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Self Esteem and Acne - The Personal Post

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Right side. Before - bareface with moisturizer, After - with Laura Mercier Oil Free Supreme Foundation. I had a sample of this, but I didn't like it at all, it does not provide the amount of coverage that I need, and managed to oxidize into an orange-y color in 2-3 hours, I used my Toly Moly Cat Wink Mint Primer underneath the foundation.
Hi lovelies, I meant to post a review about a week ago, but after assessing the photos, I found it very hard to put up the unaltered pictures of myself (I will never photoshop my face as it will not be representative of the products that I use on it), as my acne, acne scars, hyper-pigmentation and other assorted acne related goodies were very visible. My acne has always caused doubt and slightly low self esteem, I'm no stranger to posting my pimpled bareface on the internet, but this time, I was slightly wary. Sure I had foundation on, and coverup, but even with those thing, my acne would still show through, either with bumps or flakes. With this post I'd like to explore the issues that come with acne, and the steps that I've taken to correct them.

Left side. Before - barefaced with moisturizer, After - with Laura Mercier Oil Free Supreme Foundation. As you can probably see, the acne is still rather apparent. Concealer and foundation just don't work very well over flaky, dried acne bumps.
My face has not been clear since I hit puberty. I've always been envious of my classmates with flawless skin (although looking back, they might have just been taught how to apply concealer correctly), and felt really self conscious about my own skin. My mother usually didn't wear a stitch of makeup (she donned lipstick for special occasions), and she firmly believed that at that point of my life, education was much more important than that kind of tomfoolery, and therefore left me blundering on the internet for "acne cures".

Do not put lemon juice or unscented cat litter on your face. Explained below.
Believe me when I say I've tried all the tricks in the proverbial book, everything from lemon juice to unscented cat litter (oh the naïveté). I cringe to recall what my skin has been subjected to, and would also like to take the time say this: PLEASE do not use lemon juice on your skin, or unscented cat litter - it's much more effective to buy a Vitamin C serum than to subject your skin to a pH of 2.0 (healthy skin pH is around 5.5) and much less embarrassing to buy bentonite clay to use as a mask instead of kitty litter.

In college, I tried to use birth control for acne (which only made it worst), and begun to use makeup to conceal my acne, but it never went away, and I was still doing stupid stuff to my skin that I saw on the interwebz, but I see the light now.

OCM manages to sooth the skin a little, and take off makeup very well.
After consulting numerous skincare websites, and /r/skincareaddiction. I am currently utilizing the two step cleansing method (OCM followed by a mild salicylic facial wash), along with a 2% BHA toner, salicylic acid cream, and benzoyl peroxide spot treatment and seeing slight progress. I look forward to updating this blog with pictures of the development, and if I'm successful, what I used to achieve it.

Have you dealt with acne? How did you manage to shake free of the curse? Thanks for joining me!

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Disclosure: All products were bought and paid for by me and reviewed with complete honesty.


  1. Whoa, kitty litter? Never heard of that one. I had pretty persistent acne as a teen so I know those feelings of self-consciousness... I thought everybody was staring at me all the time, but truthfully, I was probably the only one who really noticed or cared. Anyway, I don't have a magic "secret" for combating acne because mine naturally started to reduce in my 20s. I still get a little bit (I'm 30 now) and I've found that using a 2% BHA toner helps reduce those breakouts dramatically. Fingers crossed that your new routine pays off!

    1. Thank you for your kind words! Yes, kitty litter.. Those were dark times. I'm also using a 2% BHA toner now and thus far my routine seems to be working, knock on wood.